Come Together – time to gather

Little spoiler: My new song Come Together is out on Bandcamp now, it’s a pre-version that is waiting for you to collaborate! (If you feel like.)

Sometimes things fall in place.

As dark and dirty life sometimes gets, this days show up, and quite often, after my experience, surprisingly. This floating feeling “life feels right”, when things start to flow and old pain is easing.

I feel blessed to see these days coming more often. I love the feeling. That life isn’t just a huge bunch of inevitable obligations we have to suffer through but a playground where we can try out all sorts of things without taking things (including ourselves) too seriously.

It’s time to come together!

I was working quite hidden for many years and disappeared from my old life after abandoning my double bass in 2010. After finally releasing my first album this April, I knew that things had to change. Of course there’s the financial pressure. I had invested everything I had to make my debut album a good sounding as possible and well, I am very idealistic when it comes to sound… So I have to go out now with everything I have in order to make a living with music and this is including playing the bass again. Yes, the longly abandoned bass!

However there’s more to it than money. I feel ready now to go out, throw myself into the crowed with all I have, and this includes the past.

I’m not coming from a world of rock.

I grew up in a very classical environment and the most “unclassical” thing I could imagine doing that time was studying jass bass. And I don’t regret a thing. It was an amazing time, I met truly great musicians and enjoyed learning so much.

Still, today I’m making mainly rock music. For now. So things change even though other crucial things don’t, which actually is great, ’cause I’m sure, if everything would change we’d not know who we are anymore. Well, I guess, we don’t know much who we are anyway…

What feels so great about this time: Going out now to you guys, talking to you, listening and exchanging, feels like fun. It has been a hustle for many years which surprised me from time to time again, ’cause in many ways I was an outgoing person as a young man.

It’s just much easier to be outgoing if you feel like being in the center of yourself, of what you can do and achieve. So when I had abandoned my bass and was starting all kinds of new directions, I was an absolute beginner again, which wasn’t helpful for my self-confidence.

I still feel like a beginner when I’m alone on stage, singing and playing guitar. It’s still very new to me and I tend to try more with my voice and guitar than I’m actually able to safely deliver… Always the risky adventurer! The cool thing is: I don’t feel like an absolute beginner anymore. That really helps to be more cool, try out more crazy things and most of all have much more fun!

So let’s come together, celebrate life and exchange ideas and more!

Hope to see you around and hear your stories!

Your again outgoing Kaptain 🙂

Come Together
My spontaneously created artwork for “Come Together”

10 days left – till Kaptain Clocks album release will take place!

Kaptain Clocks album release is about to come!

Well, I’d say it like that:
It’s a huge step for me and a tiny one for the world.

Nevertheless, I’m sure you know the feeling like getting a new job, the birth of a child, a friend who dies or any other joyful, exciting or mournful change will have tremendous impact in our life, no matter how little noticed from other people.

Exciting, frightening and yes, sometimes even promising is the possibility, that sharing my music with you out there could have an impact on others.
Exciting because I have no clue how much my music will spread.
Frightening because I’ll be in financial trouble if my music will not find some more fans.
Even more frightening if many people would become a fan.
How much would my life change? No clue, too.

Promising if I’d see this day coming when I’d be able to make a living with my deepest passion, with the joyful delight and graceful blessing of making the sound I love.
Promising as well to maybe meet all of you one day who’d love my sound, too!
Promising to meet other musicians who wanna collaborate and make more sound together.
Promising to finally leave the lonesome bubble I’ve been working in for many years, preparing the abilities that I felt were still missing for the way I want to go.

So yes, it is all together happening at the same time.
Love and fright, hope and desperation, joy and sadness.

My life is great at the moment, in many ways.
Gaining more success, fame, money and whatsoever is high on society’s priority list won’t secure us being any happier than we have been so far.

And still, sometimes life just calls us to go on, leave old things behind, open us up for new people, experiences and adventures.

Lucky that I’m an adventurer!

From my earliest childhood on I remember loving the fighting heroes, the brave ones risking their life to reach the goal they had in mind.
I didn’t know for many years that being my own hero, fighting for my own goals and living my own adventure could be possible. Uniting my dreams with reality!

Surely, the form is different from the books, movies and games we love.
It needs to be the form of our modern times, which is not at all as romantic as we’re often longing for. (At least if you are a romantic as I am..)
Nevertheless, our modern time gives us soooo many possibilities.
The more I discover, the more I feel thankful about living exactly now.
It’s just about shaping.
Shaping everything the way that truly feels amazing for myself.

That’s what I’m trying right now.
Being myself. Sharing myself with you.
Shaping my life to make it awesome.

I deeply hope that you will be part of my journey.
Party along, play along, listen, comment, dance, contact me, whatever you feel like.
I try to be ready for everything that’ll come.

Let’s sail into the storm!!!
Your Kaptain

Kaptain Clocks album release