‘Why?’ is sort of Kaptain’s hymn!


The ideas to that song came along with the new identity he started creating in early Summer 2021. The Kaptain shouting out all his questions and at the same time giving quite some insights into his life and fights he’d fought. And finally he’ll give you some answers.

The sound is ready! It’s out on all the streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer, Amazon Music and many more.

There’s a video planned but that’ll take somewhat longer.

The lyrics are below, so check them out!


Why is Kaptain Clocks rapping on the beats?
Why people in shock, running dirty deeds?
Why reflecting old wounds cut deep?
Why the hell regaining all this energy at top speed?

Why I’ve never heard of this weird guy?
Why he thinks eventually that he can fly
conquer the world with his own story of little glory
never abandoned his belief to find his own category?

Why is he not playing bass anymore?
Why I thought that’s what he wanted to the core
at least I’ve heard he was a good one: talent on!
“Schuster bleib bei deinen Leisten” spinning in his head, gone!

Why did he waste all his energy?
Why to create his own little conspiracy:
“Fuck the world the world is cold no place for me to breathe!”
That’s how he painted pictures black when he stopped to believe now he’s back

to retrieve all the years of austerity heaps of severity torturing constantly
all the lack of dexterity merry temerity fighting to set him free
could that be true?
Releasing all of his ghosts, filling the air like he smokes,
clouding his vision utmost, feel like a meaningless host everything closed,
out of the blue:

Why do we repeat what we do?
Why are we convinced without clue?
Why are we mastering the cruel without stopping to persuade us:
“You’re an innocent fool!”

Why? Why? Why indeed?
Why? Why do we always have to bleed?
Why? Why? Why indeed?
Cross your line to the strange let your guts lead

Prepare for intensity outstanding energy, we’ll have a stunning incredible chemistry,
I wanna set you free mending your venomy forging a bond of eternal dependency.
To the sea!
Let us dive into the dark feel the cold see the shark he’s no enemy.
Let us sink even more lead your fear to the core simpers incomprehensibly:

“Whatever you do I am certain you’re gonna be fooling around.
You wanna get rid of your burden that pushes you down to the ground. (Just telling you!)
You’ll never be able you’re willing but sable the hope of your heart. (you’ve got no clue!)
Your memories cradle expecting an angel but watch your guard, waiting on a cue.

Why putting your hopes up and down never ending your suffering pain?
Why devoting your whole precious time to be shunned, left alone burning shame? All the same!
Just follow me I’m the one left for you saving you all from the crowd.
One day I’ll swallow you see your soul drown with me, no reason left to shout:


Long, long time ago
when I didn’t didn’t have no – flow,
My words stuck in my head and guts, nuts,
I felt my sound burning in my bones boiling up into my blood.

Consti- constipation, I didn’t know
how to free, free my little bird out of his cage
Si- silent whispers pressing me,
Doubt- doubting my ability filling my body with rage

Despe- desperation as I grew,
I knew I had to change in order to widen my range.
Brave, brave I always wanted to be,
overcome my fears and open myself to the strange.

Why? Why?
Still you say?
That’s why:
I am here for you to stay!

That’s why my soul is burning just to inflame the world!
That’s why never trust the doubts you have been told!
That’s why I don’t care if you are young or growing old
the color of your skin if you are thick or thin, hot – cold!

Some of you gonna be wondering,
Is it my life that I’m squandering?
All the time wandering never arriving your head full of pondering what you’re deciding
Your energy’s ceasing depression besieging you’re turning in circles waiting for a miracle.

Now that you listen to me,
I’ve got a mission for you:

There’s something no one but you can see!
There’s something no one but you can free!
There’s someone no one but you can be!
I am only giving the cue

to you
to you
to you
to you

To you!
That’s why Kaptain Clocks rapping on the beats! (To you!)
That’s why people in shock running to dirty deeds! (To you!)
To you!
That’s why reflecting old wounds cutting deep! (To you!)
That’s why regaining all this energy at (To you!)
top speed!
To you!

music and lyrics by Kaptain Clocks