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New Song – almost – out!


Here’s a beloved old song with a new sound – freshly published for you!

Here’s my first video how I’ve started building my new studio:

Hey you people come and hear
The Kaptain’s project beats his fear
From years of pain with scare to share
He’s gathered strength now, proud and fair

Announcing you his fairest child
Such tender blossom, warm and mild
Never Alone his promise rings
With Breathing Sound he comes and sings

All long forgotten tales remind
The Kaptain of another kind
Of life that’s burning in his chest
He feels, all humans share the quest

A humming deep, and growing slow
Beneath our heartbeat, aching so
Vibrating through our body whole
We take a breath, and feel our soul

Now come and join, explore with fun
Never Alone could be your sun
Enlightening your every day
With Breathing Sound, bunker’s decay
The Kaptain’s way is yours

Never Alone with Kaptain Clocks

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