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Kaptain Clocks – NEWS:

The Kaptain’s debut album is growing nearer!

After finishing the last “Never Alone” concert in July it’s now time for the final tracks.

Directly after that the mixing and mastering will follow to release the “Breathing Sound” as it has been promised. It all took much longer than originally planned, you might know this problem: There’s always something in the way!!!

Well, storm and thunder might delay the Kaptain’s ship but won’t drown it. ‘Cause he loves the storm.

And soon the storm will come to YOU!

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Kaptain Clocks is a musician checking out all possibilities that sound offers. He’s a true sound explorer, not only always searching for the most profound ways to express his own ideas and feelings but also to widen his own sound horizon. Every day he is amazed about the power of the ear. The world offers so much profound listening experience and he feels that it is his call to share the sounds of his life.

Over the years he had the chance to learn several instruments to support his sound visions. He grew up playing cello, later started playing electric bass and finally thought to have found “his” instrument when starting with the double that he finally studied, focusing both on jazz and classical music.

You’ll find his whole story here.

Since 2015 his childhood excitement for rock music has returned and inspired him to begin with playing drums and guitar. In these days he is finally able for the first time in his life to express his own ideas. So before returning to his deepest yearning of founding his own family like band he has to record his first album all by himself. It is like a daily ritual, his holy prayer: The profound experience of shaping all aspects of his sound by himself.

That’s why he has deepened his knowledge about acoustics, recording and mixing, further on heading into mastering for sure!

It is our time that allows us for the first time ever to shape all of these aspects of capturing music all by ourself. It’s not that the Kaptain doesn’t know that he will need many other people in order to achieve his biggest sound visions.

But starting at this point on his own reveals such beautiful experience, diving into all different aspects of a music production, shaping it all the way he feels is right for his music.

Best place to follow his musical journey online is at this moment his YT-channel.

If you feel moved by the Kaptain sound world and want to support his work, you are so very welcome to enter his crew on Patreon!

Kaptain Clocks

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