Golden Light

A sun that’s setting and a mind that’s wistfully flying over the sea alongside the seagulls…

That’s the mood of this song and a nature setting that often inspires my creativity. It’s the never-ending changing forms within the surging sea and the beautiful magic which rays of light form on the surface of the water.

Check out the abum version of the song!

Above my head the flying birds
A freedom joy that it hurts
The sun goes down with rays of light
I think of wrong I think of right

The surging see tickles my ears
Awakes my longing, arouses my fears
There’s such a feeling of home
Being here, being alone

Fare away, the golden path of light
The way to heaven, a sign of the coming night
Far away, but close enough to see
Its beauty
A sign of hope, the burning force of love

People fighting at war
I don’t know what for
The only war I know
Is inside me when it’s time to grow

The wind is increasing testing my strengh
I’m taking the challenge in full length
The wind is changing coming from east
We’re out of ballance
I’m gonna take the challenge

But far away, far away,
we’re struggling in the dark
Our world is grey, we disarray,
We poorly disembark,
Afar we stray, afar we stray,
Let’s gather our heart

Thoughts of worry growing oversized
Common news and warnings memorized
Do they lead us where we want
Does it save us being taunt

Perfecting our world has just begun
We need to speed our live we have to run
Having time is like a crime
Having muse the same as loose!

Fare away, but deep inside we know
It’s fine today, our time to take it slow
Far away, but close enough to see
The beauty
A sign of hope the burning force of love

The golden path of light
The way to heavan
Our sorrows out of sight
We dance eleven
Times more than we have done tonight
Our spirit rises in delight
The world is cold but we despite
Restrain the dark and win this fight
We climb the crest and fear no height
We steer our course and keep it tight
We keep our love alive insight
By turning still and feeling:

written in February 2020