©Benjamin Forbes

Each song embraces its own world.

The Kaptain has sailed his way through the storming sea. He’s heard his own songs sing inside him for a long time but wasn’t able to sing them out loud. So he stayed alone with his own sound.

“Patience!” – He told himself. “The time will come when I’ll find my flow, with a rising fire and a glowing soul.” Although suffering from the loneliness that almost engulfed him at times, he continued his journey through the cold and the dark. He never lost hope.

The darkest night will end with a sunrise. The wildest storm will cease when its time has come.

The storms the Kaptain was fighting his way through will certainly return. But he’s not sitting in the darkest corner of his ship anymore, bitter and lonely.

He found his voice to sing his songs and shares them all with you.

The time has come, his flames arise and heaven’s turning blue!