Never Alone - Final Call

Finally we come together
Celebrating Breathing Sound
The Kaptain's mood is like a feather
Never Alone is what we've found

But far away from a Goodbye
It's just a start that rises
We stand together and defy
The worst of all the crises

When in the end our death comes near
And darkness comes to swallow
Then sudden light and sounds appear
Inviting us to follow

The sound that each of us will hear
Origins from the center
Showers away all angst and fear
Our final call: To enter!

Dormannweg 14
Next to "Leipziger Platz" (tram 4 and 8)

Friday @ TBD

Kassel, Hessen, Germany

15/7,50 Ticket Price

Venue Info

Dormannweg 14
34119 Kassel